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The Truth About the Art of Aligning Your Body and Mind for Success In 3 Mins

External is lead by internal

Is there anything like REALITY? 


Obviously, NO.  

Internal energy dictates the outer world

It is the same question as “Is there anything like Real Life?”. There is no life outside the one we are living, but we are blessed to have different moments and phases that make us understand the significance of the one life we are all living.   


“We have always been living in reality if there is anything like that because it takes someone who has pre-existed before this one life to call this life a reality.”  


There is no reality when one cannot holistically experience and give an account of what was happening before the advent of what we all call life.   


So, believing in the aphorism popularized by people who want you to believe in an undefined hallucination and lose consciousness about the visible realm you live in. It is disheartening that people’s constant search for REALITY makes a lot of them miss out on the dividends of their experience.    


They become myopic about the visible things that demand the urgency of their attention.  



 Reality: Internal Truth vs External Feeling

External is lead by internal

Everything we become in life happens from within before its true manifestation on the outside. When you begin to feel it is bedtime, you have been sleeping from the inside, if you wake up and become energetic or super active, it is an activity that has been activated from the inside long before your body decodes the message.   


What people call Reality is that equilibrium point where the Body comes in alignment with the mind, simply put, the point where the body begins to respond to the language of the inside.   


No matter how enthusiastic or super pumped you are about those beautifully drafted goals when your outward energy (External feeling) is not in sync with the inward energy (Internal Truth), your dream remains a fantasy that can never experience your so-called “Reality”   


All of this is to bring you to the understanding of the power from the inside that controls the outcome of human life, choices, and results.   


When you live inside out, you become the master of your mind, controller of your emotions, dictator of your energy, and determinator of your terms, because you are in the position to make things happen at your will and not respond to what was made happen.   



Reality does not exist anywhere; it is what manifests in the consciousness of time that the human eyes can see…   



If you are waiting for the reality of anything to happen, you will be met and left in the illusion of time. You will not do anything with your life.   



If there is anything like reality, you have to ignite the connection between the Internal truth and the External feeling to live in it.   



The truth is where you want to be and the things you want to achieve have already existed on the noticeboard of your mind. Only If you can be sensitive enough to make your body align with that inner thought and begin to look for pointers in everything you come in contact with, every place you go to, and every event you attend to have the full experience of what has already been there in your mind in real life.   



It is not correct to say you are waiting for Reality to dawn on you, you have been handed the truth since your existence has transcended the limit of your subconscious mind to the consciousness of your mind.   



When you dream, you are painting a picture in your mind and that’s the TRUTH you are looking for – But when you set goals towards achieving that dream; you are notifying your body to become sensitive to be able to receive that feeling when the occasions that will propel that inner truth to manifest in the full consciousness of your existence.   


The goals you set are not what will lead you to your dream, not how hard you work in implementing those goals, but how conscious you are about situations around you to be able to discern what to do from what not to do, places to go from places not to go, friends to keep in your network and the ones not to allow near the boundary of your network, food you eat and the ones you tag as poison, money to spend and the ones not to spend per time, the kind of thought line to thread and the ones not to thread.  



All these are there to be understood through your consciousness and intentionality, while your goals are there to remind you that you need to be in the right frame of your mind to see those pointers.   



Steps to take to consistently align your body and the mind for success every day:   



  • Be in Control of What You Consume  



The only means by which pre-perfected energy is transferred from the inside to the outside is by breathing, which serves as the only link between the body and the mind. There is a purpose for inhaling cold oxygen and exhaling heated molecules. It is a perfect explanation of how man’s internal process of refinement results in tangible results through the movement of the body.   



It is what you consume (Energy, food, or information) that is internally processed and results in what you experience as reality. Although you are inspired to do great things, the people you listen to, the activities you attend, and the places you go are limiting the full exploration of that connection, which are the results of your vulnerability and unguardedness.   


  • Master the language of your mind   


The same way human beings communicate to themselves in the physical world is the same way inner organs communicate. Lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and others don’t act without approval from the brain. This communication between these inner organs and the brain is established by the inner errand boy (Vagus Nerve) whose responsibility is to be the spokesperson on the inside.   


Understanding the language of your mind is tantamount to understanding when it’s in its digestion stage and refinement process before instructing the body to act in a way.   


Your restlessness is the communication gap between your body and your mind – Sometimes you need to get lost in the physical realm to connect back to the spiritual realm.   


How often do you pay attention to your mind when it’s about to give instructions?   


  • Navigate Your Thought Process   


Every individual is created with different thought patterns that make us respond to situations in different ways.   


Some people are naturally defensive by nature, while some are attacking by nature. These traits are affected by the nature of our thought processes.   


What is the signal that people around you see at the end of every of your experience with life? Because the nature of your emotion is determined by how effectively you have been managing your mind.   


  • Meditate   


A lot of individuals have lost the connection between their body and mind because they have recklessly reconfigured their 5 senses to only be responsive when they are in survival mode.   


Meditation is practically the missing link between the body and the mind because, through it, the mind gets to inhale the emissions of the forces outside that are needed by the mind to process thoughts and present a blueprint to the body. In the process of meditation, the body is completely given up to the mind as a means of conveyance of those emissions (Waves of nature)   


Below is the benefit that comes with living inside out & Re-establishing the Connection Between the Body and Mind:   


You become a Healthier  

You become the recipient of positive energy   

You become attentive   

You begin to dictate the tone of your emotion   

You become Successful   

Location + People + Event = Destiny related milestone

To dream is the work of man, but the manifestation of those dreams is the work of those pointers (location, people, and event) –King Hackosam, SAA 


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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).