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If you have not thoroughly searched and found your path, you have been living your life based on the random template of life… – King Hackosam 

  Master key to unlock the universe

Have you been wondering whether you are naturally gifted, or you are not created with any Natural ability or Talent like others? 


Probably you are stuck as to how you can distinguish what you are passionate about from the numerous activities you engage in 


Or have you been looking for How you can discover your hidden strength and develop your Talent? 


These and many more questions keep ruminating in your mind and make you feel weak especially when you are not clear as to the template to use to discover it 


Now let me ask you this;


Do you know that every man is created to solve a problem? 


Before you can go on a journey to discover who you are, you need to first acknowledge the fact that you are meant to fulfill a purpose and deposit a part of yourself into the world to bring about a specific change the world craves. 


Knowing that fact will activate your consciousness and make you feel the need to be a problem solver 


Then, you begin to ask yourself: 


What’s the nature of the problem I’m created to solve, who is having this problem and how can I meet him or her…? 


The above questions trigger your inquisitive spirit to submit yourself to the process of Talent discovery 




No man has ever been a fulfilled man living another man’s life – If you are not living your Talent, you are living your life based on the random template presented to you by the universe 

Your work, not your job  


It means you are not living for anything… 


Retracing your career path back to the source gives you a clear picture of your true natural inclination and enriches your mind with positive thoughts that put you in the light of a problem solver 


Before you can claim your position in life, you have to first devise How to discover your identity and the nature of who you are meant to be 


Is how to discover your talent the question there in your mind, right now? That’s what this article has come to help you address 


Here are 4 Critical Hacks on how to Discover your Talent and make it profitable 


  1. Find Your Hidden Force 


Talent is a force that produces Natural gift that needs to be nurtured over time. If neglected, it perishes. 

  Inner voice

At a younger age, by default, you unconsciously fell in love with what you are created to become in life. But at some points in the sojourn through life, you get influenced by the expectations of your immediate circle – what your immediate environment calls life and their definitions of freedom. 


In most cases, the influence of your parents makes you rebel against the natural force and gets you off track. You begin to see light in the things they do, like, and what they want you to become. 


We are of the same nature but of different battles, more reasons time and season are attached to the entry of man into the universe, why you are born into the race you belong to, the environment you find yourself as well as the energy you possess. 


It’s never late to retrace one’s step back to the source and connect to that hidden force. It is for you and never left despite the fact you picked another battle because of external influence. 


Look inward, what were you doing unconsciously in your tender years? You fell in love with it and derived pleasure in it growing up. 



Ask yourself, ask your parents, and talk to your loyal peers – Hear their thoughts, and get lost to deliver a judgment on the assumptions of people gathered. 


Ask yourself the below questions, they will provide answers to the lingering question of How can I discover my passion in your mind? 


What can I do effortlessly that people pay to learn and struggle to achieve? 


What is that thing that keeps me awake for hours that people find so difficult to do? 


What is that problem that people run to me to solve for them? 


What is that thing I can passionately do for years without getting paid for it? 


It’s spiritual, and you will get to understand who you are wired to become in life 


2. Understand the Tone of Your Inner Voice 


Every human is created with a voice that gives direction. Often, we are susceptible to the voices that come from outside in, forgetting the fact that human beings are meant to have individual experiences to complement the fact of the dynamism of the universe. 

Live inside out, not outside in

The voices of people around us are the result of individual experiences or the outcome of their actions, whether good or bad. 


While Inner voice comes to play whenever you are on the verge of making a destiny-related choice between who you are created to be and who the world around you want you to be. The things you are meant to do and the ones you are influenced to do. 


As humans, we are naturally endowed to be sensitive to this voice, especially when we are still growing in our unconscious years. 


It can be traced back to how we unknowingly connected to our primal inclinations without any outward effect – It is the words of the inner voice that we listened to that made us go the direction before we became overpowered by people’s expectations of us 


To be able to discover your talent, passion, and natural inclination, you need to develop listening ears and be sensitive to the voice. You must understand the tone of the message it communicates to you per time. 


It gives direction! 


3. Define Your Uniqueness 


What makes you different from others? 


What makes you who you are? 


What makes you achieve results that several people have attempted but failed at? 


All these are sensitive questions that will aid your process of Talent discovery and monetization of your talent.


As human beings, we are wired to act, position, and function differently, that’s why what you like doing is what another person hates to near. 


What you like seeing is what irritates others. Places you love visiting are what look like hell to others. 


The lifestyle that is simple for you is what wrecks others. The job that is making you productive is what relegated some individuals to the ground.

The point is, you must understand your uniqueness and gets familiar with your true identity as these will provide a befitting answer to the question of How can I Discover my Talent? 


4. Know Your Personality 

Your Uniqueness

Your personality type is a reflection of your Natural talent in your image. Knowing more about yourself is one of those steps to the clarity of purpose as it makes you understand yourself more, become captain of your life, and leader of your mind, helps you become more conscious of yourself and enables you to make the right choices. 


Understanding your personality reveals a mystery about your existence and makes you give a better approach to life because, at that point, you are the master of your own universe. 


Your personality is a direct reflection of your Natural ability which has in its prerequisites such as your belief, school of thought, morals, what motivates you, what keeps you going, your values, and what you stand for. 


When you get familiar with the exact type of your personality, the above prerequisites become known to you as well. They will aid your search and bring to your consciousness How you can discover your talent, develop it and make it profitable 


If you want to know your personality, your identity, and the mystery around your existence, take this personality test before jumping into the process of talent discovery. 


In conclusion 

Talent is the solution embedded in you waiting to be unleashed into the world. Sometimes. Sometimes it usually gets overpowered and subdued when we are not conscious of it. 


You are gifted to bless humanity. And If you have not been living your Talent, you have been living your life on a random template presented to you by Life. The hacks discussed in this article will help you find out what your talent is and where it is applicable.