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Why Focusing on the Future will keep you distracted from the moment:

The effect of focusing on the future

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” – Bil Keane 


The first time I pushed myself to the public is by publishing my thoughts on social media, some years ago.  


Before that time, I was bewitched by the lifestyle that breeds middle-of-the-road comfort for people in my neighbourhood. Everybody sees the reason to get certified by any school, get a job, get paid, and save their pension for their future.   


When I started writing my thoughts and sharing them with the public, I was outrightly rebuked, and cancelled by people whose belief is that to share thoughts in the public scene, one must be well grounded academically with a level of materialistic success.  



That ancestral belief shaped the culture back then and made a lot of potentials lose their focus in the moments that were gifted to them to express their fullness and deposit a part of them in the universe as they live.  


As we live, we learn that we die, and as we die daily, we learn that each moment counts and must be lived intentionally as the future which remains an illusion will pick stories from the particles of your contemporary accomplishments.  


As I was struggling with issues of life, I shared my process through them, my victories plus the lessons I learned from each of them with my friends and followers on social media to Identify with individuals who found themselves in my stage of life, but still finding a way to figure it out.  


The moment and present are the only gift of time we have. There is a price and prize before you if you choose to be judicious or reckless with it.   


Here are The Damages You are Causing Your Life by Focusing on the Future that is a mere illusion:  


You Lose the Control you have Over the Gift of the Moment:  

The Fear of the Unkown (Illusion)  

The fear of what may happen in the future takes a grip on the mind of people who are not confident about the experiences they are creating at the moment.   


Future experiences are the formation of today’s happenings. And if you cannot see yourself in the consciousness of the present time, you will be missing in that future you are giving focus to.  


Your past was a result of your ability to man up the situation in the moments before it came, and your inability to be in control of the moment which is the gift given to you to define your destiny and shape your journey before life assigns you one.  

You miss the Process:

Each time you wake and are able to act is an opportunity to get going and get something done in preparation for what you tag. The bigger picture.  


A moment lost is most likely not going to come back. Moments of youthful age, once it is gone can never come back.   


When you set a goal, what makes you fulfill it is not your focus on the goal but full attention on the process which is what you can have at the moment. It defines whether you are going to experience the future you wanted or you live it the way of your past.  


You Lock gratitude:


Sequential documentation of your process and stages of life helps people find the reason to be intentional with their dealings. If all you know and care about is the big goal and what gets the entirety of your attention is your future, you will live desperately and have no respect for time and season that make people instrumental in your journey.  


You will find it difficult to celebrate little wins that make a bigger picture.  


More reasons people prioritize the future above present moments is they are fearful about the likely result of their actions, they lack the courage to make every minute count, so they always find a way to boycott the reality to hide in the imagination they call the future.  


How to Start Living in the Moment

Present moment is a gift of life

The moment is a thing of the present and to enjoy the full expression of it, one must learn to live in it and write your life story with every bit of it.  


Be Conscious of your time: 


Morning and night or dusk and dawn form the times that constitute the existence of man. When calculating time, morning means the period when the day is getting bright and newness is activated – In your life, morning depicts the moments you are starting out in life, in your career, or choice of path. It comes with new energy to be expended to determine the state of your night.  


Literally, night depicts a time to rest to feast on the fruits that have been laboured for.  


You are expected to live in time because the manifestation of your dreams, aspirations, and desires can only be dispensed by time. They come with time and if you are not conscious about it, when the moment which is the rare gift goes, may not come back.  


Know what you want and how to get it (Prerequisites):  

Humans are driven by their wants and desires – Big or small. But if you can quantify your wants and further break them down into small particles with priorities attached to each of the particles, your mind will deviate from the big picture that seems unachievable and start processing thoughts around the process to gather the particles.  



Celebrate your little wins:  

A moment comes with references which are the results of the process you observe and stay glued to. As you progress, you hit new milestones which are promises of time and consciousness of the moment.  


As you hit a new target, celebrate yourself – it is an encouragement to do more.  


Know the impact of time and season:  

What you do today and fail to do today will form the experience of your future. You need to be conscious of time and season as they breed changes.  


What was valid yesterday may not be useable today, what is needed at the moment may be invalid at the moment. So, you must learn to activate your consciousness to the tangibility and relevance of things by the language of the time.  


Identify with people and celebrate their wins with them  


No one lives alone, grows alone, wins alone, and reaches the peak all alone. Per time we need people and the best way to make this count is by identifying with people, showing up for them, and celebrating their wins with them.  


When we are happy, we tend to do more, and when we rejoice with others, we see more reasons to make our existence per time unlock gratitude.  



Everybody has a reason to live, and for that reason, we must live, because from it comes the full expression of our existence – Discover your why and what you are to live for here   

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).