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Finding Out Your Core Strength: How to Know Your Super Talent in The Midst of Various Activities

The result of being busy is so minute compared to what comes from being productive… Two different things.


You can spend the whole 24hrs of your day working. You go all year round grinding without missing a day, not even Sunday.


And still be living way below the result of someone else working just 4 hrs a day.


What is the difference?


If you stand for everything that comes your way, you are vulnerable and can fall for everything that is not worth your attention.


You can be busy with so many things with lesser results, more pain, more stress and uncontrollable anxiety. All of that is made a norm by people who either failed to crack the code of their craft, success and productivity.


The volume of sweat your body excretes, the length of time it takes and the depth of financial commitment to reach a milestone have been normalized by people who failed to transcend the phase of HARD WORK into the phase of SMART WORK to weigh the quality of what you are doing and predict the outcome.


It is possible to be gifted in so many ways. You can do a lot of things and still build unforgettable momentum in countless fields, and still not be productive and successful.


The successful creatives we all celebrate today are known for one thing, more successful in one field but  still reflect their excellence in so many activities of life that need their presence to function…


Mastering the Law of Scattering


The only way to be known, celebrated and rewarded as a creative is to be known for ONE THING and learn how to build momentum around it.


You can die a poor talented creative – there is no sin in that. If you find it difficult to register your presence in the hearts of people and unconsciously rent a space in their heads for one thing you enjoy doing.


The law of scattering will make you understand the importance of having a focus and still understand how to sell your ideas to people who may never notice your existence until they die.


When a welder is welding an iron, the electrode produces a high volume of light at the point of contact with a metal that ends up forming a magnetic fluid that joins two metals.


But in the process of the discharge of the fluid, the electrode produces scattered light that I call (Excess) for the purpose of building momentum around the process.


The scattered light notifies people about the ongoing welding process, draws the attention of passersby, even poses danger to the sight of the welder and that of unconscious onlookers – All of that needs to be activated to register presence in the minds of people.




It is possible to feel talented without a sense of the nature of the talent…


Before applying the Law of Scattering, find the true nature of your talent so you don’t become a bird inside water and a lion in the zoo instead of Jungle…


How To Understand the Language of Your Super Talent


No talent is irrelevant, only skill can be.

Meaning, it will keep on being appreciated from generations to generations as long as the carrier of it is continually subjected to growth and innovation.


Activities are not products of TALENT. Rather, they are forms of engagements that involve bodily organs to keep man active. Not necessarily talent.


Most of the work that keeps you in a room, subjects you to a set of rules and gives you a paycheck at the end of a certain period for keeping those rules are just mere activities fueling the dreams of the agenda setter (Your employer)… That way you are operating in another man’s universe.


Does it Require Your Mental Input and Inclusion of Body Parts?


Many individuals get stuck in the rabbit hole of mentality they got from the feelings of being relevant that come from being an active 9 – 5 worker.

The reason why you can get laid off easily either by downsizing or a change in the affairs of any setting is because what you do and are known for only requires the involvement of your body parts and not what happens by full inclusion of your thinking faculty. – That’s not your talent.


Here is the formula to understand your talent.

  • Mental Input (MI)

  • Body Parts (BP)

MI (70%) + BP (30%) = Talent


To measure the originality of the display of Talent, one must clearly understand that talent can never be measured by just how fast the delivery is, how appealing the aesthetic result is, or how mysterious the dispensation of genius is…


If you determine what your talent is by just that, you are likely going to choose a habit for a talent, a hobby for a talent and some bodily functions for talents…


The longest, hardest, most boring, and craziest work happens in the head of every creative person, not with their hands…


Is it the only haven you run to when everything else fails?


Whenever I am broken emotionally, financially, socially, even academically, there is always one realm I zone into, to recuperate, feel energized, and feel the sense of living. It is my area of strength called talent.


I feel safe there because there is no limit to the boundaries I can break, no set of rules to tame my potential. I have free will to materialize my imagination and air my feelings about life and confidently be a contributor to various platforms of life through my creations.


There is one thing that gives you a chill when every of your trials fails to pull through.


Talent is the opposite of your struggle.


If you are 9 – 5 workers, assuming you got hired because of your strength, at some point in your career, you have compromised the standard of your delivery, which is the only frequency you need to be to give the best of you.


But because you are living another man’s best, which is the capacity presented to you as the acceptable standard by the organization, you give in and turn your talent into mere autopilot activities.


You do more than expected – it is outside the scope of the organisation.

You think outside the box – You must function in the confinement of the thinking of your employer

You bring innovative ideas – No, those are unrealistic, we have our standard.

You should decide what you make, who you work with and how you feel about your work.


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Till I come next time, don’t forget cracking the code, for in it lies your breakthrough…


— King Hackosam, SAA

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).