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Learn This Secret if You want to Remain Celebrated even In retirement as a Creative (Secret of Successful Talented Beings)

No one, I mean nobody, is remembered and celebrated after they are long gone, doing what they don’t love…


For some individuals, Leonardo Da Vinci was a failure because he started many things that couldn’t see the light of the day during his lifetime… 


They believe success is only recorded when you start a course and see it to the end… forgetting that great movement that attracts resounding applause in life outlives the pioneer(s).


As a creative person, your vision before creation must not just speak to your lifetime or generation, but must create a shift in the length of time that you can witness if you must be celebrated like a legend, even when you are long gone.


Leonardo Da Vinci understood the trend of time and flew with it by tapping into his genius to create solutions from his numerous strengths to give lasting experiences to people that witnessed his existence with various predicaments and hunger for their consumption.


Leonardo was not just a genius because he could do many things, but because his creations resonated with his generation and still serve as sources of inspiration to generations after him.

You are a creative, none of your creations should die before you die, or become obsolete and relegated because it could not transcend moments and pass the test of time – If you have been dwelling in this web as a creative, you will soon be forgotten.


Many creatives got sold to the idea of being the alpha and omega of their creations, they want to live to start and see the full manifestation of their work – This idea has successfully sold a lot of them into the realm of mediocrity and they no longer think of legacy, but what they can instantly make off their creations.


If your “creations” cannot pass the test of validation and authenticity in your absence or when you are not actively involved in its process anymore, you are a failed creator…


  • Think Time, Don’t Think Moment


If you think of the moment, you will be the Arctic ocean of your industry – You will be shallow and mediocre till the end of your active years.

If all you think as a creative is just a moment, you are only led by what enters your mouth alone.


Great creations draw inspiration from the momentary happenings but find its full meaning in the length of time.


Many writers, digital creators, music writers, and artists have lost their originality because their focus is solely fixated on the things they can be offered now, reasons why most of their creations are struggling for relevance after a year or two.


Some catalogs are on the digital shelf collecting dust because they successfully lost meaning to the past moments for which they were created – Zero royalty.


For you to be relevant and still be celebrated even after you are no more actively engaged in your creations, you must think in time as it takes you to the past, helps you draw inspiration from the moment, and allows you to speak into the future, thereby generations to come will find meaning for their lives in your work.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s works centuries ago still serve as a potter of inspiration for other creatives generation to generation.


  • Be innovatively Creative – Don’t be Ordinary:

The world needs new creations, and if you cannot function confidently and creatively in that frequency, you are not deep. And you will be forgotten so easily.

As the world and the society around us keep evolving, newness must also be felt in the dispensation of your talent. If not, you will become obsolete at the point of launch.


Are you an Artiste? Tell real life stories with your painting.
You write musical lyrics, let people begin to see themself in your lyrics.

Are you a fashion Designer? Create attires that outlive your generation.

Are you a Content Creator? Create content that connects with the culture, belief and norms of people and see your work outlives you.


Anything you do that does not define how people live, love and die will surely experience death before you are dead.

Be creatively creative if you must be celebrated even when you are long gone.


In the next letter, let’s talk about The Law of Attraction: How to Get people to Effortlessly Pay You Doing What You Love in the Midst of Noise as a Creative.

Do well to share this with your friend. Let him or her grow with you.

Talk soon


– King Hackosam, SAA

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).