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Talent is overrated, unstoppable Creation is the new currency for relevance, influence, and reward

Talent is Overrated

Is Talent all you need to succeed? NO!

Do you also want to be known for something, appreciated, and have a lasting reward that comes from your own creation?


Talent is zero in determining this and not potent enough to give you that life…

It is easy to be talented and also understand the uniqueness of that gift and still be poor, running the rat race and be frustrated doing what you love if…


And only if you fail to understand the weight of your supposed reward that is laced in the flow of the intensity of your delivery…

Talent is Overrated - King Hackosam1

Talent is not a currency in the value market, it is a frequency you are wired to tune into if you must perform the best of you and deposit the quality of your depth in the hearts of fellow men for them to appreciate your work and reward you for the “intangible feelings” you create out of the rawness of your gift.


I used to believe that my talent was all I needed to bring to the fore and be appreciated like god until I found out that countless number of persons on earth possess the same talent I have been banking on…


If you are a writer, and you are not consistent in the dispensation of value through your ink, you are just a gifted writer jogging in the pool of irrelevance.


Are you a music creator and you are “NOT” bent on the flow of creation or always leaning on the time that dopamine produces itself to create music, you are just a gifted music creator who is known for creation, but with no relevance and authority in your space.


Gone are the days when your type is rare and hard to have a taste of your type of creation. 


The Internet has decentralized both creation and the reception of any work of art as it is now easy for consumers to soak into any creation so far it meets their taste of art regardless of the realm of inspiration the creator plugs into before creating it.


If you cannot be in the face of your consumers every time they need it, you are only going to be appreciated as one of the gifted ones, but would find it difficult to part ways with their money when it’s time to purchase your premium offerings…


Art has been redefined – It is no longer a game of the maestro or the greatest, but a game of number. How often you show up to buy consumers’ trust and make them believe in the energy you put into the creation.

Talent is overrated - King Hackosam

Your Talent is the only sacred universe that you can meow, and the world would hear the roar of a lion…

You need to Hone it.


  • Talent is a Product of Commonality, STRENGTH is that of Exclusivity:


If all you have got to “blow up in the air”, be known, appreciated and rewarded is your TALENT, you are still feeble and easily be forgotten when people experience the weight of what you carry in others.


  • Music is Talent, Genre is a strength
  • Writing is Talent, Poetry is a strength
  • Speaking is Talent, Presentation is a strength
  • Dancing is a Talent, Acro dance is a strength


Many people are wired to operate and function in the realm of a talent, which makes them common, but their expression from this realm which is their strength makes them exclusive and reward worthy.


After discovering the area of your interest which is your Talent, seeking mastery which is simply understanding your core/strength in it is your first primary assignment to unlock the genuineness of your gifting.


  • If You Cannot Act Like a Creator, You Don’t Deserve the Rewards that Come with Your Gifts:

Talent is Overrated - King Hackosam2

The modern age designation and business title of every individual who is offering something (service or product) to make ends meet are all creators.

We are all born creators, but some of us have lost the identity to the rewiring process the society we were born into put us through.

We grew up listening to people, taking commands from the acclaimed elders and people that came before us – They made us their images by imbibing in us what they hold strongly in their belief system.


With your talent, see yourself as a CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of an entity that a chunk of the universe is waiting for to consistently create value that they need to keep moving on their own through life.


As a talented person who has discovered his strength with a strong understanding of where you need to function at your best, you need to live every day of your life to soak into the creation of what you call value that the world around you sees as a solution.

Until you see the dispensation of your strength as a business model, you will keep on finding your feet in everything else the society echoes as “money making route” per time. – SHEEPISH MENTALITY.


Are you still stuck in the process of understanding your God-Given-Business model?

Or you are confused as to what is really your strength, special ability and gift that can position YOU as a creator that makes money from his or her creations?



Solve a one-person problem and see people line up on your way for the antidote for similar problems – If you don’t have anyone to solve a problem for, look for a problem you have that you have been struggling with. Study it and proffer a solution to it, teach the process, then offer the same solution as a premium offer to people of the same predicament.


The new age of relevance, income and influence supports creation.


If you are lost as to what your strength is in the realm of your talent, have a list of 5 top performers you admire in your industry.


Study their process of grinding, delivery and how their audiences accept them.

Document all of that and you will find yourself in their process.

Reward comes with creation. Watch out for the next letter for more light.


-King Hackosam, SAA

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).