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The Future of Work is You: Why you must feature in the picture if YOU must be above replacement in any industry

Just before I delve into it, I need you to process this thought for a few seconds.


“Did this year, 2023, make you by breaking you, or make you by lifting you?”


Which of those memory lanes it took you through?

Well, that’s not the reason for this letter, but that moment you just went through needed to be visited again to pump you and bring this message home.



Now let’s get in.


The most unclear and untrue advice I got that cost me many seasons of trial and error is “Go to School, finish and bag your certificate as the world out there is ready to offer you a fortune”.

I lived in that illusion for long because it was a thought that lived rent-free for years in the mind of my ancestors which became their guiding principle of life – If you don’t go to school, you’re automatically categorized as a second-class citizen in your neighbourhood.


The same way they told our forefathers to get close to the soil to become relevant among their peers is the same way they were preaching school to be a passport to any desired life.


There was a time when the outreach about success in life was subconsciously tied to your discipline in school, the type of certificate you earned as a graduate.


The society was giving preferential treatment to some professions, while some sect of the society were relegated to the ground despite they all dedicated a part of their existence to the school that was preached and glorified by their fathers.


Fast Forward to now when the new age of work has succeeded in knocking off some portfolios, certificates and disciplines that used to be the prince and princess of a time in the past.


A lot of Individuals are stuck in their careers, not because they are depreciating in the dispensation of what the system believed in them for, but because, they keep on giving their best, yet it seems their effort no longer attracts the eyeballs, greater rewards or the visibility their signatures used to get from the magnificent output of their display.




If you are not in the business of YOU before you are given a table and chair in the business of others either as an employee, contractor, or freelancer, you are welcoming another privilege for others to show you again the reason you are so discardable – It is a template that leads back to step zero.


Why in the business of YOU, when all you need is in the pockets of others?


A notable journey or movement that outlasts a generation starts from the mind of a person. One person must conceive the idea before emitting it to people around for acceptance.

If all you have believed all your life is to subscribe to the thought of getting a degree and start working for someone – you are shallow and will soon be relegated when your offerings are no longer in line with time.

The Future of work (1)Oftentimes, you will fail to find the deepest of your motivation in your work with others, except you have invested in the business of YOU enough to fuel your energy when your work with others calls for motivation.


Anytime I walk into a chat around a contract or work I do professionally as a Digital Content and Marketing Strategist for businesses, something always stands out for me – It is the rate of my work churned out overtime as a personal brand and my commitment towards putting my knowledge out there for people to see and learn for free.


People trust you more when they see the amount of knowledge you dispense to the world without putting up a guard or withholding anything. It sends a signal to them that when they get the chance of having you in their net, they tend to get more from you.


It is called “Trust and Leadership Effect”.


How do you tap into the power of YOU to be above replacement in any industry or career path you choose without losing your worth, bootlicking, or acting detrimental to your ego.


  • As You Work with Others, Build Your Life:


In most cases, your shared goals are laser focused on “what” is there to achieve, while the Personal Goal addresses “why” you have to achieve that.

“Why” comes from within, because it is a state of the mind, while “What” is the process that requires the sight and the body to feel.


When your “WHAT” is bigger than your why, you may be opportune to be part of the process which is the “WHAT”, but you will surely get lost in it finding your motivation when it feels your energy is drying off and you need to connect back to the motive which is “WHY”…

Your Why working with others is to grow yourself, while achieving the shared goal of the team, the company or the circle you find yourself.


If the WHY is not found or discovered before anything, then the WHAT is meaningless.


  • Invest In Your Strength (Why you are YOU)

Nobody can be like you – that’s the most underrated truth in the world.

A lot of people are out there who can do the same thing you do, deliver the same result as you, even appear like you, but none of them can run at your pace, speed at your velocity and display the same natural gifting just like you do.


What makes you a superhero of your own universe is your Talent – Find it HereThe Future of work (3)

You must look for that one little thing that moves the needle for you in the process, nurture it to grow bigger until it makes you irreplaceable.


If you must be Irreplaceable, you must not be there to deliver your result like others, even if you have to deliver the same results, you must either master any of the following (The Time of Delivery & How to deliver and the type of experience you are creating for people who come across your output).


  • Build Network of Doers (High performers)

Sometimes the journey becomes boring when you choose to go alone, but when you are in the midst of people whose zeal can serve as a pat on your back, you will tap from their energy.

Note, this set of individuals must be better and greater than you in terms of input and output…


According to ancient philosopher, Confucius, “If you are the smartest in a room, then you are in the wrong room”



As much as you would love to have people around as you journeying through the route of your purpose, you want to ensure that people you have in your circle have something of greater value to offer you in your journey. If all they can offer is all you can do, they are not needed.

What these people in your network are tasked naturally to do for you is to check you when you are going, fuel you when you are getting low, and put you on check when you are giving into complacency.



As you  journey through 2024 and beyond, you must build a formidable network of people whose lifestyle aligns with your goals and can as well be a motivation for you to be more…



The future of work is YOU, and that is the reason you can decide what you earn, not being told what you deserve.

Keep working on yourself everyday, hone your skills like you are just starting out every day, and see the world bend to your taste and will…

That’s how to become irreplaceable in any industry, career path or journey you find yourself.



…and that’s it for this edition of the King Hackosam Letter…

Talk soon…

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).