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Your Talent: Ways to Create Your Own Economy in 2023

The best way to fortify yourself and live your dreams in a volatile economy is to hone your skills and learn how to make money from your Talent. 

Learn a skill and start making money  After all, it is believed that your Talent makes room for you before kings and tangible men. How? 


When the crisis hits the terrain and calamity hijacks the wheel, that’s when kings search for talent bearers and Gift carriers because they have paracetamol to their headache at the centre of their disaster. 


Everybody likes to deal with kings, build bridges, and have a deeper connection with royalty people, but how positioned are you? 


Have you discovered your Talent, honed it, and positioned yourself as one who has got solutions to serve the world? 


This is the truth: 


If you must be the captain of your life and chief executive officer of your finances, you need to trace your steps back to the source to unravel your uniqueness and rebirth your gift for the world to see the need for your presence. How to connect back to your source and talent

Don’t forget that to make money in any situation, you must first be a valuable person whose existence is meant to lift others while living your Talent. 


How can you start living your Talent? 


If you are not living for something, it is obvious that you are dying for nothing. It means your existence does not create value and it is one without a purpose… 


When what you do is not an attestation to the fact that you are living in freedom, it means you have nothing to save others. 


…because he that will stand before kings and not mere men must answer the question of what is my identity and what do I stand for? 


One must first have a clear picture of what one’s true identity means. What are those problems you have encountered and conquered as a result of your specialty and Gift, what is the nature of the emotional state you find yourself in each time you do what you call your talent? 


The above questions have a way of putting you through a life test that makes you come to a point of self-awareness. A process that transforms you into a mediator who has seen it all and can help people solve their problems. 


Making money from one’s Talent and Gifts is the most suitable life one can live. But one needs to come back to the question of: 


How can I start living My Talent? 


Follow this approach to understand the language of your talent; 


Spell Out Your Strengths and Focus on Them: 


What are your best performances What are those fields you find so conducive for extending your wings, identify your light bulb moments, how were you able to get there, what were the things you put to get there that led to those results? 


Take your time to reflect on those nostalgic moments and focus on those things you classified as little effort that gave you an edge. Keep doing them or infusing the same strategy into your daily activities. 


Stay glued to the lifestyle that unconsciously put a smile on your face and helps you give a thorough expression of your mind without any form of mixed feelings: 


Every lifestyle is a result of an activity coupled with a specific energy. What is that lifestyle you have always envisioned or wished you find yourself living and who is that person living your dream lifestyle – Start doing what they do because the lifestyle they enjoy today is the result of their previous efforts. 


Keep Preaching the Topic you do not need to be taught or tutored before you can bless the universe with the consistent flow and outpour of your undiluted wisdom in that niche of life: 


Every individual is preconditioned to have a basic knowledge of a specific niche. Some can play soccer without attending a soccer academy, some can naturally speak like a pro without any formal education, and some are naturally endowed with teaching ability without attending any teaching college. 


What is it that you can do effortlessly and naturally that you have not passed through any formal training before practicing it? Find out what it is and start intensifying your effort in it – It is your talent. 


A careful dissection of the above 3 discussed points will put you in the light you need to be in your journey of Talent Discovery and position you as one who is living his or her purpose. 


While, the next thing you need to understand as you proceed on your way to mastery is How you can fuel your energy, and how to make fortune out of what you do, because, without fuel, the engine stops working, and movement freezes. 

Making yourself valuableHere are 3 Strategic ways to make money from your Talent in 2023 from anywhere in the world: 




The truth remains, the Talent you are gifted with is in most cases not meant to address your own adversity but embedded in you to lift others out of their pains and struggles. 


You will discover that a result of your actions you condemn per time unexpectedly gain more traction and eventually become the most talked-about of your results… Why? 


In my case, the time I become so unsatisfied with my writing is when I get positive feedback the most. 


What this means is that, you are created and gifted not for the benefit of yourself, you are only entitled to the rewards that come after blessing the world. 


What you do effortlessly out of passion or probably for pleasure is meant for others to either find their feet or get back their own strength. 


There are people somewhere craving for that, that you do, they are willing to pay the price, and they are ready to go out of their way to meet with you, simply because, that, which you do just for fun is the Paracetamol/Pain killer to their predicaments. 


You can cook and successfully steal the atmosphere from everybody in your neighbourhood, that taste is not for you, because you will only eat for the pleasure of it, but there are people somewhere ready to reward you for giving them that same taste that you cannot pay yourself for… 


You have discovered your uniqueness ?, and now you know what it is, look for those craving for it, and position it as their solution. Then you are positioned to make money from home doing your talent. 




For a fact that there is common in every commonsense, does not make it common. 


Yes! That you can do it without any cost does not mean everybody can do it. That you can close your eyes and still work the road does not mean every individual in your neighbourhood can do the same. 


How many people have come to beg you to teach them what you know…? 


How many individuals have questioned you about the details of the process, all it cost you, and how you achieved a milestone? 


Do you know, this blueprint shows you how to make money online without paying anything – By just staging your gift online and attracting people from anywhere in the world to buy the solution you carry 





In the pocket of these people is your money. Place a premium on that knowledge, because they value it, and they have no choice but to beg you with their money. 




The wisdom you have is your passport to building wealth – What is that one thing that you can preach and not bite your tongue in the process… What is that wisdom that sets you apart in your neighbourhood?


Have you noticed that uniqueness that makes people refer to you as a genius? 



Do you know you can package it, turn it into an offer of different kinds, and build a fortune from it? 


It is no more news that the knowledge-based industry is thriving and growing into a multi-billion-dollar industry. You can tap into this potential and make what you know, the wisdom God gave you a machine dispensing money for you. 



In conclusion, 


In this dispensation, you can also start printing money from your comfort zone with that thing you know that nobody taught you before doing it, that you call little – People are craving for wisdom, and they are ready to pay the worth of the premium placed on it as far as it solves their problem. 


If you have not discovered that yet, kindly submit yourself to the process of How to Discover Your Talent, hone it, and be ready to build wealth from it. 

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Join 100s of individuals experiencing mind-expanding insights every weekend as you dive into King Hackosam Letter (I write about Mastery of Talent, Modern Spirituality, Business and Simplicity of life).